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Komodo Edit is the free and Open-Source counterpart of Komodo IDE.

Looking for a powerful editor without all the advanced functionality an IDE comes with?
Komodo Edit is for you

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Komodo IDE is for you

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Feature Komodo Edit Komodo IDE
Multi-Language Editor
Track Changes
Markdown Viewer
Kopy.io Integration
Chrome Debugging NEW  
Gulp, Grunt, NPM Integration NEW  
PhoneGap & Cordova Integration NEW  
Symbol Browser NEW  
Documentation Tool  
Run In-Line Tool  
Package Manager Integration  
Docker Integration  
Vagrant Integration  
Shell Scope  
Custom Workspaces  
Track Changes with VCS  
Auto-complete & Calltips
Multiple Selections
Projects & Places Manager
Skins & Icon Sets
Code Refactoring  
Sections List  
Code Browser  
DOM Viewer  
Rx (Regular Expression) Toolkit  
HTTP Inspector  
Source Code Control Integration  
Unit Testing  
Code Profiling  
Database Explorer (MySQL, Oracle, etc.)  
Interactive Shells (Python, Perl, Ruby, Tcl)  
Perl Dev Kit/Tcl Dev Kit Integration  
Synchronize Multiple Workstations  
Real-Time Code Collaboration