Komodo Features

Advanced Editor

  • Multiple Selections Multiple Selections NEW

    Select multiple positions in the editor, so that changes made at one position will be reflected in all selected positions.

  • Unified Menu Button Unified Menu Button NEW

    Komodo can be configured to use a collapsed toolbar button menu, instead of a full menu bar (Windows and Linux).

  • Code Folding / Code Blocks Code Folding / Code Blocks

    Code folding<br>Column/block editing,<br>Line/block commenting and more

  • Smart Language Detection Smart Language Detection

    Syntax checking and highlighting detects multiple languages within a file.

  • Split View and Multi-Window Split View and Multi-Window

    Split a session to edit side by side or in multiple windows.

  • Variable Highlighting Variable Highlighting

    Click on a variable to see all occurrences.

  • Auto Abbreviation Snippets Auto Abbreviation Snippets

    Type an abbreviation to automatically trigger snippet selection.

  • Key Bindings Key Bindings

    Vi/Vim, emacs, OS X, Windows/Linux included.

  • Powerful Snippets and Macros Powerful Snippets and Macros

    Insert snippets with abbreviations. Use macros to automate repetitive sequences.

  • Conditional Snippets Conditional Snippets

    Use Embedded JavaScript to determine snippet contents at runtime.

Code Intelligence

  • Code Refactoring Code Refactoring NEW

    Smart code-transformation capabilities include Rename Variable, Rename Class Member, and Method Extraction.

  • Autocomplete and Calltips Autocomplete and Calltips

    Supports many languages and detects multiple languages within a file.

  • Soft Characters, Matching Braces Soft Characters, Matching Braces

    Auto-insertion of braces and highlighting of matching braces.<br>Auto-Indentation and Auto-Formatting

  • 3rd Party Library Support 3rd Party Library Support

    Included API Catalogs enable autocomplete and calltips for libraries like PyWin32 and jQuery.

  • Sections List Sections List

    View and filter a list of your functions, classes or elements.

  • Code Browser Code Browser

    Navigate source code structure in a hierarchical, collapsible view.

  • Go To Definition Go To Definition

    Jump to definitions variables, classes, etc.

  • DOM Viewer DOM Viewer

    Inspect and edit DOM tree of XML and HTML docs.

  • XML Autocompletion XML Autocompletion

    Autocompletion for XML dialects can be added via DTD or RelaxNG Schema.

Graphical Debugging

  • Graphical Debugger Graphical Debugger

    PHP 4.4 - 5.5, Python 2.4 - 3.3, Perl 5.8 - 5.16, Ruby 1.8 - 1.9, Tcl 8.4 - 8.6, Node.js

  • Breakpoint Configuration Breakpoint Configuration

    Set properties such as break on file, line, condition, function calls and returns, exceptions, etc.

  • Local and Remote Local and Remote

    Debug programs running on a remote server or unsupported platform.

  • RX Toolkit RX Toolkit

    Create and debug regular expressions

  • Consolidated View Consolidated View

    View output, call stack, variables and watch variables in one pane.

  • Multithreaded Debugging Multithreaded Debugging

    Break multiple threads. Mozilla engineers use Komodo to debug Python buildbot code.

  • Multi-Process Debugging Multi-Process Debugging

    Debug multiple sessions simultaneously

  • HTTP Inspector HTTP Inspector

    Inspect browser-server communications, ie. Ajax/HTTP

  • Changed Variable Highlighting Changed Variable Highlighting

    Automatic highlighting of variables changed since last breakpoint.

  • Built on DBGp Protocol Built on DBGp Protocol

    Co-authored by ActiveState and currently used in many IDEs.

Version Control and Integrated Tools

  • Version Control Systems Version Control Systems

    Support for Subversion, Mercurial, Git, CVS, Perforce and Bazaar.<br><br>Add/remove files, view diffs, view revision history, commit changes, revert, and push to remote repositories for distributed source code control systems.

  • Interactive Shells Interactive Shells

    Available for Python, Ruby, Perl and Tcl.

  • Publishing Publishing

    Keep local and remote directories in sync.

  • Browser Preview Browser Preview

    Preview in a separate window, in the Editor pane or in split view.

  • Code Profiling Code Profiling

    Analyze performance for Python (2x and 3x) and PHP (5.2 or higher), with read support for Callgrind/Cachegrind and pstats formats.

  • Integrated Unit Testing Integrated Unit Testing

    Supports major frameworks such as PHPUnit, Perl TAP, Python unittest, and Ruby's rake test.

  • Toolbox Toolbox

    Store snippets, macros and shell commands for easy access.

  • Database Explorer Database Explorer

    Examine database content for SQLite. Available extensions for MySQL and Oracle.

  • Perl Dev Kit, Tcl Dev Kit Perl Dev Kit, Tcl Dev Kit

    Deploy Perl and Tcl applications within Komodo. Get more with Pro Studio.

  • Stackato by ActiveState Stackato by ActiveState

    Deploy to and debug applications in a powerful Platform-as-a-Service environment.

Workflow and File Management

  • Breadcrumbs Navigation Breadcrumbs Navigation NEW

    Breadcrumbs navigation bar shows the directory ancestors relative to the current editor file, allowing you to easily find and open related files.

  • Open Files Side Pane Open Files Side Pane NEW

    New side pane organizes all your open files by language.

  • File Sorting and Grouping File Sorting and Grouping NEW

    Sort and group the Open Files pane by language, file extension, directory and location.

  • Fast Open Shortcuts Fast Open Shortcuts NEW

    Create shortcuts to long file paths.

  • Minimap Navigation Minimap Navigation NEW

    Reposition anywhere in your code from a high-level view.

  • Projects & Places Projects & Places

    Manage your projects in the left sidebar. View your file systems categorized by project.

  • Fast Open Fast Open

    Find any file with minimal keystrokes.

  • History, Bookmarks, Braces History, Bookmarks, Braces

    Jump to previous and marked lines, and matching braces.

  • Notifications Panel Notifications Panel

    Keep track of all processes in one place.

  • Komodo Sync Komodo Sync

    Synchronize project items and preferences across all of your workstations.

Add-Ons and Customization

  • Abyss Dark Theme Abyss Dark Theme NEW

    "Abyss" native dark UI theme can be enabled in preferences. Goes well with "Dark_Wombatsosia" editor scheme.

  • Floating Side Panes Floating Side Panes NEW

    Undock components and move them anywhere on screen.

  • Extensions/Add-Ons Extensions/Add-Ons

    Over 100 add-ons available through our Firefox-based system.

  • Visual Styling Visual Styling

    Personalize with a wide variety of skins and iconsets.

  • Integrated Tools Integrated Tools

    Extend support for additional Version Control Systems and databases.

  • Editor Features Editor Features

    Customize and extend key bindings, syntax color schemes, auto-formatters and much more.

  • Autocomplete Autocomplete

    Extend support for additional languages, frameworks and libraries.

Dev Team Capabilities

  • Code Collaboration Code Collaboration

    Edit a document with multiple users simultaneously, no matter where they are.

  • Shared Toolbox Shared Toolbox

    Store common snippets, macros, etc. via network share, source code control or the Publish feature.

  • Coding Standards and Control Coding Standards and Control

    Keep shared work consistent with version control system integration and auto-formatting.

  • Stackato by ActiveState Stackato by ActiveState

    Run a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) on any cloud infrastructure.<br>Komodo IDE lets you debug and deploy applications to a consistent environment at each stage of the development process.

  • Extended Functionality Extended Functionality

    Scale projects as required with extensions for integrated technologies.

Supported Languages

  • Editing Editing

    PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, various web templates, Node.js, Tcl, XSLT, CoffeeScript, LESS, SCSS and more

  • Code Intelligence Code Intelligence

    PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, various web templates, Node.js, Txl, XSLT and more

  • Debugging Debugging

    PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby, Node.js, Tcl, XSLT