Stackato and Komodo Named Jolt Award Finalists

We are proud to announce that Stackato 2.4 and Komodo 7.1 IDE were named Dr. Dobbs 2013 Jolt Awards finalists in the "Coding Tools" category. The Coding Tools awards showcase the best IDEs and most innovative coding tools that "jolt" the software industry and make it easier, faster, and more efficient to create software.

Commenting on Stackato 2.4, one of the judges, Gary Evans, writes that the "enhancements to Cloud Foundry made by ActiveState are impressive." Among key features, Evans lists multiple additional languages, Virtual Appliance deployment, Management Console, and more. "What's not to like here?" he concludes.

Judge Mike Riley was equally impressed with Komodo's IDE. "Its cross-platform commitment is hard to beat," he notes. "Komodo is the best IDE I've used to write Perl, Python, and Ruby scripts and Web applications," Riley says. "I feel instantly at home and productive regardless of what OS I'm running it on." Among some features Riley highlights are Komody Sync, broad language support, and a new built-in code profiling tool for Python and PHP.

Congrats to Coding Tools category co-winners MS Visual Studio and JetBrains -- it is an honor worth acknowledging. But of course, it's an honor just to be nominated!

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