Using Komodo IDE's new Stackato Tools

We've been writing a fair bit about Stackato recently, but mostly with IT managers and sysadmins in mind. We thought it was time to evangelize a bit to the Komodo community. Since it's developers who will be the day-to-day users of this platform, we'd like to get you involved a bit more and hear your feedback.

We've just released Komodo 7 Alpha 4 (release notes). If you look in the right sidebar, you'll see a new Stackato Tools toolbox with some interesting looking macros. These are there to help you deploy, update, and manage Perl, Python, Ruby, and Node applications on Stackato.

Stackato Toolbox

To use these, you'll need to do a few things:

  1. Get Komodo IDE 7.0 Alpha 4
  2. Get access to Stackato Beta by filling out the form on the Stackato home page.
  3. Install the 'stackato' client. This can be installed with 'pypm install stackato' or downloaded from the Stackato Beta section of the Community site.
  4. Get and set-up a Stackato micro-cloud or cluster. For most people this will be just downloading and starting a Stackato VM for VMWarePlayer/Fusion or VirtualBox.

There's a demo in a screencast from a previous post that will give you an idea what's involved. In the screencast I use the stackato command-line client, but once you've got the client set up in the Komodo preferences, you can start using the Stackato toolbox in Komodo IDE instead.

There are lots of commands available in the toolbox, and you'll probably end up using some more than others (e.g. start, stop, update, crashlogs). For these, you can create your own custom toolbar, custom keybindings, or use "Invoke Tool" (Ctrl+Shift+K) to run it by name.

Komodo 7 is still Alpha software, so things will change. There's currently no 'stackato target ...' macro, so you'll need to do that from the command line. Likewise, some of the macros call up interactive sessions that are also handled in a console rather than in Komodo natively.

Let us know what you think! Post your feedback on Stackato itself in the Stackato Feedback forum, and feedback on Komodo 7 Alpha in the Komodo Beta forum.

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