PHP 5.6, PHPNG and Onwards

by Todd Whiteman / tags php php56 phpng performance / July 22nd, 2014

Todd Whiteman PHP - taking a look at future PHP releases to see what's coming in the future.


Open the same file in different directories

by Todd Whiteman / tags macro javascript alternative file open / July 20th, 2014

Todd Whiteman This macro allows opening the current file in another location, such as an alternative branch location.


Building Komodo with Docker

by Nathan Rijksen / tags development docker build arch linux antergos / July 15th, 2014

Nathan Rijksen How I "accidentally" made building on Linux much easier by using Docker and SSH X11 port forwarding.


Best Coding Fonts

by Nathan Rijksen / tags fonts eyecandy resources customization / July 9th, 2014

Nathan Rijksen Each day us programmers spend hours upon hours looking at our screen, and the main thing we look at is not our IDE, it's not our software or our browser; it's our code. So it's only natural that our code should be a pleasure to look at. One side of this is completely in your own hands; writing clean and sensible code. The other side slightly less so; the font you choose to represent your code.


Workspace Save and Restore Macro

by Carey Hoffman / tags macro javascript restore workspace / July 7th, 2014

Carey Hoffman A Komodo startup macro that injects a menu element at startup into the Tools menu, allowing users to save the current workspace (all the currently opened files) and restore previously saved ones.


Komodo 9 Pre-Release Now Available!

by Todd Whiteman / tags release nightly preview / June 29th, 2014

Todd Whiteman A glimpse of Komodo IDE 9 - check out what we've working on and contribute towards the next version by reporting bugs or enhancement ideas.


Python Performance Boost by using Profile Guided Optimization

by Todd Whiteman / tags python pgo performance optmization / June 24th, 2014

Todd Whiteman I've been examing the benefits of using Profile Guided Optimization for building Python - with some success.


Run SSH Commands from Komodo

by Carey Hoffman / tags macro javascript editor ssh commands / June 22nd, 2014

Carey Hoffman Execute a remote command through SSH based on the connection to a remote file in the editor


Working With Node.JS Through Vagrant, Puppet and VirtualBox

by Carey Hoffman / tags virtualbox vagrant puppet docpad / June 18th, 2014

Carey Hoffman How I launched a development environment for the Komodo website (or any docpad site) using Vagrant, Puppet and Virtualbox.


Execute Snippet As PHP

by Nathan Rijksen / tags macro php execution macro-monday / June 16th, 2014

Nathan Rijksen Quickly execute a snippet of code as PHP, the snippet can be an (unsaved) file or simply the text you currently have selected